Student Debt Relief Information

We know there are many questions surrounding President Biden's recent announcement regarding student loan debt relief. The link below provides more information and allows you to sign up to be notified as more information is released.
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The 2023-2024 FAFSA will open October 1st.

Lawrence Tech's school code: 002279
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LTU Private Donor Scholarship

The LTU Private Donor Application for current LTU students for the 2023-2024 Aid Year will open October 1st.

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Lawrence Technological University received $731,191 from the CARES Act funding for financial aid for students. LTU identified eligible students based on criteria set by the federal government for distribution of the CARES Act, Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

All eligible students receiving this fund were directly notified through their LTU email account. Money will begin disbursing directly to students within 30 days of receiving the funds.  

[HEERF P425E200493 Quarterly Reporting, October 5, 2022]

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for all HEERF grant funds, July 7, 2022

ESF - ESF Reporting - HEER - 074226572 - Year Two

[HEERF P425E200493 Quarterly Reporting, April 7, 2022]

[HEERF P425F201211 Quarterly Reporting, April 7, 2022]

[HEERFIII/ARP Funds Report March 3, 2022 PDF]

[HEERF P425f201211 Quarterly Reporting, Dec 31, 2021]

[HEERF P425F200493 Quarterly Reporting, Dec 31, 2021]

[HEERF Budget Expenditure Report Q3 2021 PDF]

[HEERFIII/ARP Funds Report June 21 PDF]


[CARES Act HEERF Funds Reporting JAN 21  PDF]

[CARES Act Documentation OCT 20 PDF]

[HEERF Report Final Documentation SEPT 20 PDF]


Cohort Default Rate for LTU Alumni
(U.S. average is 7.3%)

2018 Official Cohort Default Rate Data


of LTU students receive financial assistance