Study Skills on the Web

Here you will find some great resources you can access online - just pick the subject you are interested in!

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General Study Skills


Specific Classes

  • How to Study Math, Science, and Engineering - by Dr. Phillip R. Rosenkrantz, California State Polytechnic University - excellent source of information on studying math and engineering-oriented materials.
  • An Engineering Student Survival Guide - by Richard M. Felder, Professor of Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • Tips for Succeeding in Engineering - from Concordia University in Montreal - excellent general information, applicable to any field.
  • Educational Opportunities Program - Study Tips & Test Taking Strategies - has a biology and math specific source

Listening and Notetaking

Time Management

Reading Skills

Research and Citation

  • Northeastern University Library - great source of online tutorials on how to find articles, sources, use databases, and catalogs.  Specific to Northeastern, but can be generalized to most libraries.
  • Reference Desk - an excellent site for online reference materials like dictionaries, thesauri, and many different encyclopedia

Test Preparation

Coping with Stress

Coping with Test Anxiety